Porn : noun. "Pornography".

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If you've ever wondered what the hell pornographers were talking about when describing a site and using bizarre terms, this is the site for you.

The Porn Dictionary lists a quick and dirty run-down of some common, and not-so-common porn terms including all kinds of philia's, abbreviations, slang terms, links and obviously basic definitions.

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The world of dominance and submission explored by fetishists and displayed in BDSM Movies featuring textbook sadists and masochists.
Landing Strip
The small strip of pubic hair that is just above the vagina which is left after ... [more]
A sex toy often shaped like a penis that is primarily used for masturbation and ... [more]
Wounded Pigeon
The act of breaking a sexual partner's arm before receiving a handjob from that ... [more]
An act where a person places one's face in between a busty woman's breasts, shak... [more]
The act of strapping on a dildo in preparation for vaginal or anal penetration... [more]
Erotic pictures and/or videos that feature (usually "furry") animal-like models ... [more]
A Japanese term lesbian used in manga and anime, used similarly to the term yaoi... [more]
A Japanese word meaning "two form" is pornographic anime, manga or hentai featur... [more]
Rule 34
A internet meme which is alarmingly accurate. If it exists, there is porn of it.... [more]
Tit Fucking
The act of thrusting an erect penis through the big breasts of a female.... [more]
An orifice that is stretched wide open, in pornography, a gaping hole is general... [more]
A word used to indicate the sound of masturbating. Often repeated and/or emphasi... [more]
Short-hand for girlfriend. GF porn is generally any "home made" pornography.... [more]
A man who is married to a wife who is unfaithful. Cuckolding in porn usually ref... [more]
Donkey Punch
An act performed during anal sex, prior to ejaculation to giver punches the rece... [more]
Happy Ending
A cumshot resulting from an erotic massage.... [more]
A view of the lower areas of female breasts, generally taken from underneath.... [more]
A girl who appears to be below the age of consent, often in sexually provocative... [more]
A moustache of semen. Cum shot above the upper lip.... [more]
Cleveland Steamer
Defecating on another's chest before rolling it in (ie. streamrolling it).... [more]
Similar to a shemale, a ladyboy is a male to female transgender person, the term... [more]
Aka tribadism or scissoring. Women rubbing their genitals together in order to a... [more]
Mexican Avalanche
To ejaculate on a woman's hair proceeded by throwing her down a set of stairs... [more]
A niche involving extremely flexible women, gymasts, ballet dancers, ballerinas ... [more]
The primary slang term for semen.... [more]
Seminal fluid containing sperm (spermatozoa) that is ejaculated by males in orde... [more]
Anal Sex
Sexual intercourse where the penis is inserting into the anus.... [more]
A person who attains sexual pleasure from machines, particularly cars.... [more]
Reverse Cowgirl
The male partner lies on his back and the female sits on top, facing the same wa... [more]
Spit Roast
A sexual act featuring two males doing a girl from behind while she is sucking o... [more]
Red Wings
Performing cunnilingus on a girl whilst she is menstruating.... [more]
When a girl is in the middle of two guys, simultaneously jerking them off.... [more]
Stranger On The Rocks
Numbing your hand with a bucket of ice before jerking off.... [more]
3-Eyed Turtle
Filling all orifices of a female with your thumb in her ass, fingers in her puss... [more]
Vegetarian Hot Lunch
Variation of the Hot Lunch where you stretch a piece of plastic wrap over her mo... [more]
Woody Woodpecker
When a girl is sucking on your balls, tap your cock on her forehead.... [more]
Performing oral sex on one's own vagina.... [more]
Abbreviation for blowjob.... [more]
Abbreviation for clitoris.... [more]
Sexual arousal from being confined to small places.... [more]
Abbreviation for "cum in mouth".... [more]
Sexual pleasure derived from accidents.... [more]
Slang for dildo.... [more]
Dining at the Y
Slang for performing oral sex on a woman.... [more]
Slang for sex. An old English abbreviation for "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge".... [more]
Whipping or beating until orgasm is achieved.... [more]
A fixation on an activity, an object, or on part of the body.... [more]
Slang for the buttocks. Also a slang British term for the vagina.... [more]
Greek Sex
Slang for anal sex.... [more]
BDSM term for a sex slave dressed in leather.... [more]